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Builders Post-Tension is a full service Concrete Reinforcement Materials Supply Company with locations in Houston and Dallas /Fort Worth. BPT can send Post-Tension materials and services throughout the entire state of Texas and the continental U.S. We do work on Single Family homes, Multi Family Housing, Tennis Courts, Commercial Slabs on Ground and High Rise Commercial Structures. Please feel free to contact us (via our Contact page) or send us an email (listed on Contact page) to inquire about any questions you might have regarding our Post-Tension products, Concrete Reinforcement Materials and Services. We can help you with Installation, Engineering, Turnkey slabs and most any other needs associated with Concrete Reinforcement.

BPT is a very Customer Service oriented company and use this motto "BPT Is Customer Service" as our Cornerstone Commitment to our Customers. We are a PTI Certified Plant and are always looking for ways to cut our costs to save our Customers money. We set ourselves apart from the competition by simply treating EVERY Customer as if they were our only Customer. Please enjoy your visit today and let us know if there is anything else BPT can do to help you.