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Post-Tension Services 

Post-Tension Repair & Installation Services

The field services team at Builders Post-Tension can assist with post-tension concrete work for all kinds of clients including but not limited to ground single family, multi family, tennis courts, commercial slabs, high-rise structures, and more. From installing post-tension slabs to completing post-tension repairs we are here to provide assistance with all your post-tension needs. Contact us at any time during your project with any questions or concerns.

Commercial/High Rise Services 

We have been providing high-rise post-tension work since 2001. Our knowledge of and abilities to fabricate high-rise work are immense, and our personnel have been engaged in high-rise work since the 1970s. We can assist with the following: 

• Re-design your job to post-tension
• Design your post-tension high rise job
• Work with your already designed post-high-rise job
• Install your post-tension slabs 

During the project we can do the takeoffs, supply shop drawings if needed, give you all you need to be in compliance on a high-rise job, and get the project completed on time and correctly.
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